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Active Allocation Portfolio (Core Portfolio)

Phanar’s Active Allocation Portfolio combines the discipline of modern portfolio theory in determining portfolio guidelines and controlling investment risk with the sophisticated financial and economic research provided by a leading investment research group.

A significant advantage of this portfolio is that it is executed via exchange traded funds (ETFs) which give well defined securities market exposures and are comparatively inexpensive to trade. In managing this portfolio, Phanar allocates among as many as six fixed-income ETFs, six equity ETFs as well as commodities and cash, for a total of as many as 14 different asset classes and sub-classes.

Absolute Return Portfolio

In this portfolio Phanar´s aim is to match or outperform the results of a balanced portfolio in rising markets. The flexibility to hold an abundant amount of cash in an uncertain market environment and at the same time to use tools that perform in down markets permit it to outperform peer groups.

In a way, the style of the Phanar Absolute Return Portfolio management resembles the policy of a macro hedge fund without using leverage.

Global Fixed Income Portfolio

Phanar’s Global Fixed Income Portfolio offers fixed income exposure to the four largest and most liquid sovereign debt markets in the world, those of the United States, the Eurozone, the United Kingdom, and Japan. The focus of this portfolio is geographical exposure rather than credit, duration, or economic sectors. Phanar uses a variety of fundamental and technical indicators to vary the percentages allocated to these four sovereign debt markets on a monthly basis. This portfolio benefits from the sophisticated financial and economic research of a leading investment research group and is well suited to investors desiring a core global fixed income investment vehicle.

U.S. Convertible Debt Portfolio

Phanar offers a portfolio of U.S. convertible debt. A convertible debt security gives investors a coupon lower than that of a comparable debt security with no conversion feature. An investor in such a security accepts lower coupon in return for an option to convert the debt security into shares of the equity of the issuer at a stated conversion price. If an investor expects good economic conditions with rising interest rates and a rising equity market but would like to hedge against less favorable equity market conditions, convertible debt has useful characteristics. The purchaser of such securities is likely to benefit if economic conditions are as good as expected but is protected if they are not.

Active Precious Metals Portfolio

The Phanar Precious Metals Portfolio offers clients an attractive way to invest only in gold and/or silver. The investment management strategy employed is to take a long position in the underlying physical commodity and to trade put and call options around this position. The strategy aims to maximize return of the portfolio and to minimize its volatility.

Delta One Advisory

Phanar’s Delta One Advisory service focuses on foreign exchange and commodities trading. Phanar's Delta One service is offered both to institutional/corporate investors and to high net worth individuals. The service provides trading advice and hedging solutions including active management of currency and commodities exposures. The advice clients receive is given by a highly experienced derivative professional. Clients are advised on spot, forward, and option transactions. Phanar’s Delta One Advisory service clients may also choose exclusive risk monitoring of their derivatives portfolios including live pricing, current exposures, and stress test scenarios.

Phanar's Delta One approach emphasizes regular portfolio follow up with clients and, when required, daily calls that give clients market commentary and trades ideas. Client may choose between a total return and a pure hedging profile using tailor-made combinations of longs, shorts, and derivatives strategies. In the first months of a relationship with Phanar, clients are offered a period of education in order to learn the basics of the relevant markets. The learning process may later focus on advanced aspects of derivatives and financial markets.

Customized Portfolios

Phanar provides investment management solutions that address each client’s specific needs. Each portfolio is designed to reflect an investor’s investment risk and return preferences. In advising a client who chooses a customized portfolio, Phanar makes use of its sophisticated research capability including advanced financial software and analytical tools.

Phanar includes among its customized portfolios index-like equity portfolios designed to provide returns close to those of a familiar equity index like the EURO STOXX 50® or the SMI. In response to client preferences, Phanar can form these portfolios with fewer equities than those in the index whose return the portfolio tracks. These portfolios may serve as core equity vehicles giving Phanar clients basic equity market exposures to which more active strategies can be added.

Short Risk Warning/Disclaimer

The value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up, and you may not recover the amount of your original investment. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. 
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